The Arkansas Dragon Hwy 123 Fire Breathing Excitement

The Arkansas Dragon Hwy 123 Fire Breathing Excitement

The Arkansas Dragon

Arkansas Dragon Hwy 123The Arkansas Dragon is one of the best motorcycle trips in the entire state, or in the country for that matter. The readers of ranked it at #40 in the country. I really don’t understand why the Arkansas Dragon is not in the top ten, unless it‘s due to lack of amenities on the route.

The Arkansas Dragon is a 19 mile adventure that runs between the towns of Piercetown on the north to Lurton on the southern end. You can take Arkansas Highway 7 north from Russellville about 30 miles to the intersection of AR-123 and head north. I am usually coming from the north out of Harrison so I take AR-7 south to Jasper and grab some breakfast at the famous Ozark Café. They have been Selected by New York Magazine’s Grub Street blog as Arkansas’s entry in their list of the Top 50 foodie destinations. named the cafe’s chocolate gravy as Arkansas’s Must Try Foods from the 50 States. After breakfast I catch AR-74 east from there to Piercetown and AR-123 south.

Like every road in the Arkansas Ozarks the scenery is drop-dead gorgeous. But, on this ride all your attention is on the next curve, switchback, or hills, which continually comes at you for nearly the entire ride. This Arkansas motorcycle ride should be avoided by the inexperienced rider. Because of the switchbacks and hairpin turns truck traffic is not allowed on this road, which makes it great for us riders.

Ozark Cafe
Ozark Cafe

The road conditions are excellent, as are most of the roads throughout the state of Arkansas. The fact that Arkansas is lightly populated and enjoys good weather makes for quality motorcycle trips throughout the state. As I mentioned earlier there are no real amenities to enjoy on the Arkansas Dragon itself. But Jasper has small shops and the Ozark Café, and there are multiple places of interest on Arkansas Highway 7 as well.

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  1. Is there any tent camp sites in the area of the Dragon??…

  2. Can I order a patch online? We rode it a few month’s ago.

  3. What’s the best route to get there from Tulsa Okla?

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