Arkansas Highway 16 | The Secret Gem For Bikers

Arkansas Highway 16 | The Secret Gem For Bikers

Scenic Arkansas Highway 16

Arkansas Highway 16

Arkansas Hwy 16 is one of the hidden gems I discovered years ago and tried to keep quiet simply for the fact that I wanted it all to myself. And, it is not uncommon to travel this great motorcycle road without seeing another vehicle on the road. What I love best about this ride is that it ties in the Pig Trail with the Arkansas Dragon and makes for a great day trip. So I usually will start this at the west end of the ride at the north end of the Pig Trail at the intersection Hwy 23 and Hwy 16. Turning right on Hwy 16 you are in for about an hour ride that will make you feel you are in the land that time forgot.  Along with this comes the lack of amenities so bring your own refreshments as needed. The ride ends at the intersection of famous Highway 7 Scenic Byway.

glory-hoe-waterfallIf you are adventurous and don’t mind a two mile hike I suggest a detour to see the famous Glory Hole Falls waterfall. If you have never heard of it you have probably seen photos of it. The trailhead is at the intersection of Hwy 16 and Hwy 21. It’s hard to spot so keep an eye out. It’s all downhill to the fall which makes the hike back somewhat difficult. Make sure to bring water and your camera. You’ll need the water and you will kick yourself in the butt if you forget a camera.

After you get back to the road it is just about a 15 minute ride to Hwy 7. At this point I will usually stay on Arkansas Hwy 16 to Hwy 123 (The Dragon). From this point I head north and follow Hwy 123 to US Hwy 65. I will turn left onto Highway 65 and head into Harrison to complete this ride.

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